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Welcome to the Family

Post  Rev on Thu Sep 09, 2010 3:04 pm

M. Shadows takes the death of Rev pretty hard. When they said that there wasn't going to be a Avenged Sevenfold he meant it. Now that they are back he has to find a new drummer. Problem is that everytime one joins he finds that he don't like them at all. He has problems with almost everyone that he has found. He has to find one soon or he may have problems. He doesn't know what to do at all. He is running out of people to take in and he's starting to think that Avenged Sevenfold is over. Then ___ comes and he's presistant. Even after M told him no he keeps trying to get in. ___ plans on becoming the new drummer, but he also wants close to M's heart. M isn't the type to give up when he says no, but what happens when he has nothing left and he has to tell ___ that he can join. ___ is happy, but then realizes that he's not really a part of the bands family truely.

___ knows he has to win the respect of the whole band. He needs to be guided. Rev who watched as a spirit sees that ___ needs help so he appears to only him and teaches him everything that he needed to really know. He even showed ___ the things that only he could do. Finally the whole band, but M like ___. _____ really wants M's attention. He wants M's love, but how can he win that when M just turns his back on him. ___ is hurt that M answers his affection with hatred and cruelness. He still wants M though. Can he find a way to win M's heart.

Name~Jimmy Sullivan
Theme~Afterlife by Avenged Sevenfold
Illness~Stomach problems and depression (Takes several meds for all of this)
Attitude~Sick and twisted since of humor. Sometimes agressive. sometimes a bully.
Notable Feature~His tattoos and his crystal clear blue eyes.

Name~Zacky Vengeance
Theme~Beast and the Harlot
Notable Feature~His green eyes lisp.

Theme~Bat Country

Name~Ville Valo

Name~Andy Sixx
Theme~Knives and pins

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