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Zacky Vengeance took Rev's death the worst of the whole band. He had gotten so bad that he had to be sent to the hospital. When the hospital didn't help him he had to be sent to a mental institute. He kept claiming to see things that no one else could see. The band went to see him several times, but he didn't speak very much other then to tell them that whatever he was seeing was going to take him away. Zacky really was seeing something and it was really there. It was very dangerous and it could hurt him and it did want him. The sad part was it really was Rev.

___ is in the institute for something. He ends up seeing Zacky and recognizes him as someone from Avenged Sevenfold. He doesn't understand Zacky's problem though. He then catches a glance of what is haunting Zacky. Can ___ save Zacky and then help Zacky straighten up. Once Zacky has straightened up will ___ try to win Zacky's heart that has grown to be frozen and dark?

Name~Jimmy Sullivan
Theme~Afterlife by Avenged Sevenfold
Illness~Stomach problems and depression (Takes several meds for all of this)
Attitude~Sick and twisted since of humor. Sometimes agressive. sometimes a bully.
Notable Feature~His tattoos and his crystal clear blue eyes.

Name~Zacky Vengeance
Theme~Beast and the Harlot
Notable Feature~His green eyes lisp.

Theme~Bat Country

Name~Ville Valo

Name~Andy Sixx
Theme~Knives and pins

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